Invisible Bodies


During the Hangardeck-Mission on the Martyr, where you have to find the cogitator with the teleporter-map, the bodies of enemies and my own body became invisible. Weapons and equipment stayed visible, though.

Here are some pictures:

That's me:

Some enemies:

And a chest:

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Invisible Bodies
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3 years 221 days ago
Disabling Temporal AA does not work (in fact, it was not activated in the first place...), I still get these graphics glitches (invisible bodies and torn bodies).
3 years 228 days ago
Same problem here. Old problem as well. Usually comes after a couple hours at play. Neocore never answered my post about it so I always figured it was my vid card even though it wasn't overheating. I will try the AA setting. Thanks!
3 years 228 days ago
Are you playing with experimental AA (set in options)? Just deactivate it... playing with max 60 fps (also in options), can help too. (you must restart the game, to see changes)