Playstyle advice for Assassin Mellee (vid)


As the title implies guys and girls lets look at this assassin and how we can use viably in early game melee. In this video we make a new character, equip her and complete our first mission, with a little in game analysis on play-style as I go. Hope you find it helpful. 

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Playstyle advice for Assassin Mellee (vid)
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7 years 48 days ago

nice video man.

just wanted to pop in and suggest that neocore consider a change in the keybindings for the dodge roll on the assassin. I personally don't use the "click to move" functionality myself, preferring to use the manual movement keys. I would really like to see the dodge roll changed to a "double tap" input. I.E. double tap W to roll towards the top of the screen. It just feels clumsy reaching for something completely different to dodge rather than move.

(I use a G-13 keypad, so all keys are bound to that, and since I:M uses arrow keys for manual movement, they are bound where WASD would usually go.)