Assassin Overview and intro - Vid


Hey guys long time! Here is the first in the new series of videos i've got planned. Loads more to come to feel free to put some requests in. Thinking of doing a guide to help some of you assassin players out, the new patch is pretty tough :D


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Assassin Overview and intro - Vid
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7 years 42 days ago

Just on the weapon range aspect, there are times when I wish melta guns, shotguns and flamethrowers did have the same range so that they were viable for my style of play.

However, what I have noticed with the sniper rifle and Existas rifle is that I can move into the limit of the weapon range and take a shot before 'agroing' the mobs; seems to be easier then with bolter gun and autogun, that maybe down to the weapon or the class.
7 years 43 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Strangely enough, I don't see flamers, shotguns, melta or melee weapons hitting at same range as guns/heavy weapons. To be honest, claiming that ARPG have a standardised range for all weapons is wrong. They usually have same range for weapons of same class, but I never saw an ARPG using same range for all weapons it has. Even in current game you are outranging any melee /flamethrower enemy, but that does not remove danger in the slightest. Same goes for Sniper rifles - there is no reason why they shouldn't fire at longer distance than other weapons.

7 years 43 days ago

Hmm in a top down arpg there is a standardised range for all weapons as a rule of thumb. If this were a FPS i'd agree with you but being able to out range opponents in an arpg would just remove any sense of danger.

Glad you liked it :)

7 years 43 days ago

Thank you for overview!

Personally, I don't like the range of Sniper Rifles. They are exactly the same as autogun/boltgun/lasgun. Turns them in glorified battle rifles, not actual sniper rifles.

7 years 43 days ago
Thumbs up! ;)