The flashlight is pointless


Just remove it, it is absolutely pointless, it is not like you can't see without it, it is always on even on the planet surface, and when you run with a shield it blocks it (but the light is still cast through it).

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The flashlight is pointless
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7 years 42 days ago

Would darkness be a gameplay factor? Can't really imagine it at this stage?

7 years 45 days ago
There will be a lot more darker tilesets in the future, so the flashlight will be useful then.

It bugs me a bit as well - a toggle button would be cool in my opinion. 

I'll add this to our feedback section!

7 years 48 days ago

We only have two maps so far. Maybe they plan to add dark maps in the future.

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7 years 50 days ago

They have already stated there will be an entire sub branch of low to near dark level conditions on many of the map tile sets. I believe that since this will be RNG that the flashlight will indeed get it due workload.

7 years 50 days ago

I kinda like it for creating atmosphere - and hopefully as some more lower lighting levels are produced. :( although i also dislike the shield visual.