Perma Stun too potent on bosses?


Hello all

I just finished my first campaign playthrough with the Assassin, and found that the capability to permanently stun ANY monster seems way too strong.

I was using Arc Blades in Combination with the mirror image armour (can't remember the name). I'll illustrate the problem with the boss fight:

The combination of the increased suppression damage on the Arc Blade's Left Click + the same ability on the Mirror Images took down the suppression bar of the Great Unclean One within seconds. From that moment onwards, the boss was in a PERMANENT stun lock until it died. I just killed the campaign boss without it even attacking me ONCE!

That seems absurd to me. In general, I like the idea of CC being useful even against big baddies (against trash mobs it is, frankly, not needed), but the ability to permanently disable even the toughest bosses seems ludicrous. One solution (keeping the current mechanics) would be to greatly increase their suppression bar, or to have it regenerate in bigger chunks and more frequently. Another solution I can think of would be to implement a stun threshhold for Commanders/Bosses/etc. wich prevents them from being perma stunned for all eternity.

Is anybody else finding this too strong, or am I just having a weird episode here?

Best wishes,


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Perma Stun too potent on bosses?
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