Anyone else baffled and annoyed that in some missions you are required to disable AA gun batteries that are called mortars?

These are mortars:

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347 days ago
I still think it's just oversight.

Today I completed a mission where in the mission description I had to disable 3 AA batteries and call in an airstrike on a bunker but the ingame objects themselves are still called mortars.

Besides the "airstrike" was clearly an orbital strike....

347 days ago
Either that or for the same reason they have Van Wynter call a gellar field a gellar shield. Which admittedly still bugs me given she's a rogue trader and would know the difference. 
347 days ago
I don't think so as sometimes they are shown to be AA batteries like the shown Quad linked Icarus Autocannon I believe shown

347 days ago
I noticed that, too.

And I simply assume they use them as placeholders, and will put some actual mortars there someday.