Omicron arkh missing


I'm at a point where I need to talk to omicron arkh for two quests but he is not present on the bridge for my second game he appears on my first character though.

Drakuulsaper is my psn

Drakuul is the character name.

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Omicron arkh missing
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2 years 184 days ago
It can affect other characters as well but its not so common. Nevertheless if you drop us a message we will handle the problem within a short period of time. 
2 years 184 days ago
Thank you, it works fine now  for this character :)

A question though: 

Is this problem affecting other new characters possibly  too i. e. if I build a new lvl 1 character now, can it re-occur or is it fixed for all time now? 


2 years 185 days ago

We handled the problem. Could you check it out? It should be good now.

2 years 185 days ago

Can you fix this please? See previous post. 


2 years 186 days ago

Hi there,

Same problem here. Details:

Ps4 account: invitria69

Character: Rykasha (Infiltrator Assassin lvl 13)

Thanks! :) 

2 years 187 days ago

We checked on your account and fixed the issue so Omicron should be back on the Command Bridge. Please check on him when you got some time.