"Brothers in Arms" trophy broken, maybe "For the Cabal" too


"Brothers in Arms" (join a Cabal) trophy will not unlock by joining a cabal.  The only way to unlock it is to make your own Cabal which pretty much discourages people to play to together.  Please fix.

"For the Cabal" trophy is very unclear about the requirements.  For example I joined a cabal, did 3 directives which completed successfully in real time as I was currently logged into the game.  Then I left that cabal and joined a different one, contributed to some directives, then the guildmaster powered through all 5 directives that week while I was sleeping.  The next week I contributed some then went to sleep and the next day I woke up and all 5 directives were completed.  So that's 13 completed objectives but no trophy.  So I'm confused if we have to be online at the exact moment the directives are completed?  Or do we have to contribute to each directive sequentially before the next one comes up?  Or does nothing count at all unless you are the guildmaster?

According to this thread people seem to have come to the conclusion that unless you are the guildmaster then nothing counts at all.  That thread was from almost a year ago.  Is this still the case?

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"Brothers in Arms" trophy broken, maybe "For the Cabal" too
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306 days ago

The Brother in Arms trophy has the same issue: if you are not online at the time your application is accepted you won't unlock the trophy. This issue is already in the works but we did not know the For the Cabal trophy has the same problem so thanks for the valuable information. I will also compensate your Fate loss as you created your own Cabal just to get the trophy.
Sorry for the trouble and thanks again!

307 days ago
Update - I justed unlocked For the Cabal trophy and it seems the count toward the 10 only works if you are online when the final trinket is collected.  Being in another person's cabal is fine for getting this trophy.

Now I will leave their cabal and temporarily start my own to get the Brothers in Arms trophy....