PC: Ordo missions, Ordo stores, and Storage


Bugs have been experienced on PC, individually, as well as successively.

1. I cannot access my Ordo Missions. When I open their menu, counter is refresh to x days still available, but the number of missions indicated -6 value, while all missions are ticked and unavailable:

2. Since I cannot access my missions, I turn my luck to doing a bit of barter via the 3 stores. Unfortunately, those are bugged; after few seconds in idle state, i am not allowed to click close, but I am sent back to the command bridge:

3. So I decide to go into my storage. Unfortunately it is not available. Not only I cannot close the storage, but I am forced to wait long seconds before being back onto the command bridge:

For 2 and 3, the screenshots provided do deliberately include the roll over an item from my character inventory - to show the 'grey/unavailable' layer preventing from closing or any other action.

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PC: Ordo missions, Ordo stores, and Storage
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340 days ago

I am able to access the Ordo stores, their missions and timers values are correct. Thanks.

Although it is important to notice the loading time of data does range from 3 to 6 sec.

Hoping that you can improve performance moving forward.

341 days ago
In my experience, this happens every Monday around lunch time CET.

I would guess there is some automatic server thingy going on in the background after the weekly reset. Perhaps a script goes through all characters, refreshing their mission counters, generating new ones for each and syncing them with the server? Just a wild guess, obviously...

Anyway, I learned not to bother with anything Ordo-related until Monday evening.

342 days ago

Ordo shop was working on 1 char, mission still broken on that one, 2nd char was able to run 1 mission before they broke, vendor for herticus works others don't.

343 days ago

Could you tell us whether the issue is still present? 

343 days ago
Same for me, except the storage one.  ordo is completely broken.