Questions about enemy resistance, armor value and related psalm codes effects


Hi everyone:

Recently when I began to build my character more seriously, I found some questions confusing me, and I would appreciate any kind of help and advice.

Q1: There're psalm code doctrine effects like: "+50% xxx type Damage, xxx type Resistance of enemy is halved".

What actually happens to enemy resistance when I use two such doctrines together (reducing the same type of resistance)?

Is their resistance reduced to zero, or reduced to 25% of original resistance?

Q2: Where can I learn about the resistance of enemies ? 

Is it safe to assume the base resistance of enemies is always zero, except when it is changed by Tarot Card effects or Character Perks or something else?No difference between horde/regular/champion/elite enemies?

Q3: What is the upper bound of enemy resistance ? 

If I'm not mistaken there's certain effect that gives enemy 80% resistance. But enemies are never totally immune.

So I wonder if 80% is the upper bound.

Q4: How do enemy armor value take effect ?

More exactly, what‘s the actual armor value of "armored"“heavily armored” , and how do they work together with resistance?

Do they multiply with resistance?

Q5: Description of the Ordinatus psalm : "Each strike decreases enemy armor by 5% in 2 seconds"

Which one is the correct interpretation:

① With one Ordinatus psalm, I can reduce enemy armour to zero, with hit number ≈ armor value/5 ?

or ②With one Ordinatus psalm, I always need to give enemy 20 hits to reduce their armor to zero, no matter its actual armor value?

Q6: Occasionally I got Tarot effects that claim to make "All enemies Armored + Heavily Armored".

Under these effects, I found regular enemies would become immune to non-armor-breaking attacks (seems their armor value exceeds 100).

But other type of enemies like champion enemies are not effected. Their armors keep the same as before.

I'm fine with that, but I do wonder if these effects work exactly as they're designed to be.

Thanks for your help!

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