Non-Seasonal PC Cache Over Half the Items Missing


I logged into my Martyr account today:

Name: KhorneOnTheCob
Cabal: PunsForThePunGod

And more then half of my shared character cache storage on my non seasonal character was missing.

This includes over half of my psalm codes - all of my green, all of my purples, half of my blues half of my oranges, all in stacks of 20 or 30 plus psalm codes...I'm not sure how many stacks of intel I have lost, I've over 40 stacks of 20 intel on my account across characters (didn't use them for ages and ages heh) and these represent my credit reserves so I don't have to stress when re-rolling gear enchants and values, but unsure how many of those are gone.

The thing that hurts most is that I had an archeotech neural implant i had gotten from the 1.0 version of warzone at level 50, it had 4 warfare on it (the max at that level is now 3), and whilst I hadn't used it for a while, it was the only piece of gear I had gotten from the old warzone and represented a significant amount of time investment into that.

Throw in all the relics, archeotech and ancient items now gone and I'm rather pissed off to be honest.

My seasonala ccount is STILL lagging massively ingame. My Non-seasonal account is not. I've barely touched the seasonal character for a few weeks now because of this constant lag destroying my gaming experiewnce so to have the non-seasonal characters hit with half of the woefully small shared storage cache just up and disappear is complete and utter bull crap.

This is a known bug.

It has been a known bug for months now.

Why hasn't it been solved?

Why hasn't laggy seasonal play not been brought in line with non-seasonal non-laggy gameplay on the same accounts?

i would very much like my inventory returned to me if possible, as with over 740 hours of game time in Martyr and Prophecy, thgis is a ,massive kick in the teeth and it's getting harder and harder to justify supporting the game with my time both play time and also on outside social mediums to keep players from leaving and playing other games.

I'd like my stuff back in my shared cache, and I'd love my seasonal character to stop lagging because theres no good reason why the non seasonal characters don't lag but the seasonal characters still do. 

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Non-Seasonal PC Cache Over Half the Items Missing
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285 days ago

Your stuff should be back after you log back into your account. The contents of storage have been 'marked' a while ago so even if they 'vanish', after a game restart they will re-appear. Please check if this is true.

We haven't received many reports on the seasonal performance. Although we read your post on the issue a while ago our devs did not experience similar things- Do you have problem with it only in coop or in solo as well?

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