Kastelan Robots droping cortex fragments like crazy



While playing Virdian void crsade againts mech the cortex fragmests began droping like crazy form Kastelan Robots.

I ended up with 72 fragments just from this single mission.

I`m not sure if its a bug or not but it was funny :)

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Kastelan Robots droping cortex fragments like crazy
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51 days ago
Brother Kundari
The point is that they were dropping from Kastelan Robots(champions) on mass but it shoud be droping only from Commanders,Elites and Villans 
51 days ago

No matter how much you get at times, you can´t get more then 200 per week. But yes, anyway. 72 Fragments in one single Mission is a lot yes. I got 23 one time in one single Mission. I thought that was a lot. Back then. But I wasn´t allowed to get more then 200 in total in a week, anyway.

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