Some Psyker Powers and The Masteries.


would be cool if some psyker masteries worked with some powers. like enlarge area with biolightning to extend its range. constrict could use effectiveness to deal %10 of its damage to heavy armored enemies %25 of its damage to armored enemies.  effectiveness mastery could make spontaneous combustion also cause enemies to explode that died with dot. again spontaneous combustion could support slow/stun/knockback etc and if enemy explodes it will spread the effect to nearby enemies. ok maybe the last part is a bit of nonsense :D but there is no reason for spontaneous combustion or molten beam to not benefit from these masteries (slow/shock/etc). these powers feels a bit weak to me or very situational (like constrict) by the time I mellowed an enemy enough to use constrict it usually almost dead so there is no reason to actually use it exept for maybe on infestation missions. shockwave and maelstorm are almost like two of the same power but  one of them can be channeled and a bit stronger with lower cd. if one of them can be made targeted with runes or as baseline that could be perfect and would give players another choice for aoe besides haemorrhage or firestorm. I'm fairly new to the class so maybe I dont know their true potential yet so take this with a grain of salt. 

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Some Psyker Powers and The Masteries.
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1 year 46 days ago
These are good ideas, I added them to our suggestions list. Thank you!