Non-Crit reliant builds


Hello Everyone,

I have been playing for a while now. And I was wondering has anyone created an effective Crusader build that does not rely or does not fill out the critical skill tree?

I am trying to find good builds online and I always see that they always use the critical skill tree. I was even wondering if there is a build that uses the grinder perk since it only increased the damage by 30% but does not allow crits. I am running a  ranged crusader btw. Thanks.

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Non-Crit reliant builds
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5 years 9 days ago
End-game, I would say no as you can stack crit chance/strength better considering how easily you may modify gear and the amount of attributes on end-game gear. I hadn't been able to commit a lot of time to the game lately so I don't have a character beyond 85 to test. I can tell you my Distortion Armor Power Sword Assassin white hits for ~2 - 4K based but crits for nearly 20K depending on buffs and mission modifiers. If I couldn't crit even %200 more bonus damage wouldn't make up the difference.

Early game you don't rely on crit so leveraging the flat damage bonuses are better.