Passive skill: "Targeting bionics"


Skill tree: "Enhanced corpus"
skill "Targeting bionics" : bonus damage against stationary targets

When the character is moving, this buff disappears.  

Other question: why some passives skills (like "Euphoric gland" or "Holy rage" or "Ocular implant") are not displayed ?

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Passive skill: "Targeting bionics"
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3 years 214 days ago

But it's important to see all the buffs without exception because of perk like "Anointment", we need to know how many buff we have to calculate the bonus.

Display all the buffs and debuffs is as important as having a combat log: it is in the interest of H&S to optimize its build

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3 years 215 days ago

There are many passive skills and due to a design decision not every skills have buff icons. They do work properly though.

We will check the Targeting bionics thanks!