New Sketchfab Models:

Sentinel and Chaos Decimator



Two new enemy models are now available on Sketchfab. As usual, it's all 3D and animated, you can turn them and zoom as you please. Inspect, then preferably, purge. Here they are in their full corrupted glory: 


The Sentinel is a walker used by the Imperial Guard for special missions, mostly due to their swiftness and mobility. Unfortunately, Imperial Guard regiments which turned against the Emperor also like to employ these warmachines. 

Chaos Decimator

The Chaos Decimator is a Daemon Engine: a bipedal war machine, a mixture of human and Xenos technology empowered by unholy warp sorcery.

So, how do you like them? How would you take on them?

Let us know in the comments!

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New Sketchfab Models: Sentinel and Chaos Decimator
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6 years 165 days ago
I have to say that these models are really beutiful. Plz keep up the good work