Inquisitor - Martyr:

Out Now on Steam Early Access!



Today the game expands its horizons: Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr enters Steam Early Access. Suitably with this transition, there's a new update as well. Check out the full change log

Now, for those who are not familiar with the "Early Access" concept, it's basically a chance to get the game earlier to help in the development by providing feedback. Some features are still missing, although we have laid out our plans up until the full release of the game what new stuff to expect each month.

Click to see the new Roadmap in full size:

That said, you're not really missing out if you decide to wait for the full release - you will not get an advantage with character progression, nor will you be able to play through the entire story campaign (although you will get a taste eventually). Early Access is for those who are willing to play a game in its less-than-complete form - any constructive or critical opinion is appreciated, especially during this phase.

That said, you're welcome to ask anything and provide feedback so we can complete the game with as much polish as possible. 

This is the home of our Community, so feel free to explore and engage in conversations. Other than that, explore and enjoy what the game has to offer, and if there's anything you need, we'll be here to help!

For the Emperor!

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Inquisitor - Martyr: Out Now on Steam Early Access!
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1 day ago

When will the update be ready for download? last week i read something about the 20th nov

2 days ago


34 days ago

hello world !

45 days ago

o/ you might probably already know :) ...
just in case you did not: i read on the discord that there is (or was) a bug:

"Megapull - 09/22/2017Just to be clear regarding the latest post - Our goal is NOT to turn the game into a grind fest. Leveling is slow at the moment because it is affected by a bug. We will fix it ASAP."

45 days ago

will i be able to upgrade my steam purchase to a more expensive ones like here on the webstore?

51 days ago

Hi, what will happen to optimization? 4790k( 4.4 GhZ ) +gtx 1080ti, 1 and 7 cpu 90-100% the others 5-15%, 

because of this, There are drawdowns. 

Please try: to route 

load on all threads.

Thank you for understanding

59 days ago

Good day devs!!! Have such thoughts. Isn't Heavy Flamer MUST HAVE (HEAT) damage??? It's Flamer, why it haven't heat type of damage. When purging heretics they burning, (HEAT) i think must be. Good luck to you all!!!

63 days ago

Any plans on giveaways/sales? Would love to try it out and help with the development, 50 euros is simply too much at the moment :/

64 days ago

its fixed just a few times restart

64 days ago
The Win7 issue will be fixed today. 
65 days ago

Well maybe they should introduce their face to my fist.  Before tomorrow.

65 days ago

There is currently a problem with Win7 introduced in today's patch. It is to be addressed tomorrow.

65 days ago

hi there

i just bought it on steam but how do i get the in game login to work?

it wont work 

65 days ago

why are you stopping level progress by fate reduction if we are alpha-testing the game??? very large reduction... this game will be like hard grinding???? hmm, i don't want gameplay like this, that's boring....

73 days ago
No it's not. The game is still in alpha state. Optimization will come later. 
74 days ago

it doesn't work if that's what you mean??

74 days ago

There seems to be no other performence update. Is this the final state of the game regarding performence?

74 days ago

Just got game and I see its been a issue before but I'm getting network fail and have tried all suggested remedies. please help

76 days ago

Character movements and actions are very choppy when playing on my PC even on the lowest settings, and I own an asus republic of gamers laptop. There's also a bug where the foot steps sound effect would keep playing even when I'm not on a mission.

78 days ago
Sure, no problem! I will create a topic for the roadmap. 

About the Fortresses - We really want to add this feature into the game, but we don't know when this will happen. But as you can see, it will probably happen after release. It's a really big thing and need a lot of work. 

79 days ago

Devs, can you please create a separate sticky thread for the's way to hard to find here.

80 days ago

where is the Fortress feature?

83 days ago

Don't see the Fortress mode on the Roadmap and the placeholder for it seems to be removed in the game. Have you scrapped it? 

Looking forward for the Controller Support!

83 days ago

You should get an email. Mine was instantaneous [a few weks ago]

83 days ago

where can i get my key for the early access?

This comment was edited 83 days ago by Waldschrat
83 days ago

do my Pledge (79.99$) include the early access?

84 days ago

So very cool that the game release was pushed into 2018. The best decision ever! Do it right, guys :) 

P.S. How about executions? Are those in yet? This feature had to come with August patch?