Leveling changes in 0.7.0


We have received overwhelming feedback after our previous Content Update, so we have decided to revamp the leveling system of Martyr in its entirety, as per our previous open letter.

The previous dual leveling system stays, but everything else was changed more or less - namely, the overall pace, the limits, and the core elements of leveling.

So, we still have Account Levels and Inqusitorial Ranks. The latter is responsible for loot balance, as items are dropped tuned to your Inquisitorial Rank, allowing for dynamic leveling.

Account levels are responsible for gaining passive skill points, allowing to improve all of our characters through the passive skill tree - this is a longer term development, independent from your character, as it gives players account wide progress.

Previously, you could only boost your account level through pure mission farming, as Story/Tarot missions did not give any significant rewards, which caused the two leveling systems to drift apart from each other. This was only changed slightly in 0.7, but the change is important as Story and Tarot missions now give more Account Level XP:

  • Normal random missions will continue to provide a good amount of account XP
  • Story missions now provide much more significant amounts of account XP as well
  • Tarot missions now provide much more significant amounts of account XP as well

To get down to the details, this means that for every successful mission, players gain:

Base values

  • Small map: 800 xp
  • Medium map: 1200 xp
  • Large map: 1600 xp


  • Difficulty multiplier:  ±0.25% per Power Rating point
  • Account Level Modifier = (Mission power rating - (75+Account Level * 25))/100
  • Modifier if base value < 0: x 1.5Account level modifier
  • Modifier if base value > 0: x 1.2Account level modifier


  • -500: 13%
  •  -300: 30%
  • -100: 67%
  • +100: 120%
  • +300: 173%
  • +500: 249%

The amount of monsters killed in a mission now counts. Every mission type has a set percentage that players get via completing the mission, the rest of the XP is given depending on how many monsters were killed.

Inquisitorial Rank (=Character bound leveling system) had its roots in story missions and tarot missions previously, while random missions on the Starmap did not contribute much to it. Tarot missions required Fate, which could be gained from daily quests, which limited the farmability of Fate as random missions rewarded very low amounts of Fate points. Here is where the biggest changes were made.

Fate is now less important in regards to leveling, and we wanted to make it easier to farm Fate, as this is what overwhelming player feedback communicated to us. Therefore we ditched the daily quest system altogether that served as the core of the old limited Fate farming system.

The Campaign story was always meant to be told via Investigation missions. This grew into a standalone subsystem over time, so we have decided to include side-story elements tied to subsectors, and these new side-story missions will now replace the daily quests as the bonus source for Inquisitorial Rank XP.

The main sources for Rank XP are the Campaign and the Subsector Story Investigation missions along with Tarot missions. Fate Points remain, but players can now farm it faster and more efficiently. Random Starmap Missions will now provide a lot more Fate:

  • Base value was increased by 400%
  • Increased the bonus per Rank points as well

Additionally, Fate can be gained from weekly Glory chart placements, System Influence, and selling high-tier items. Tarot mission costs remained the same.

Rank XP:

  • Per story mission: Varies
  • Per Investigation: Varies
  • Per Tarot mission: ~100


For every mission: 8 + Difficulty modifier (+1 for every 50 Power Level)
Map Size also matters - Medium maps have an 1.5x multiplier, while Large maps have a 2x multiplier.

For Investigations: Varies

Weekly Glory:

  • 100 Glory: +100 Fate
  • 400 Glory: +200 Fate

System Influence

  • 50 + 2*100 + 200 + 500 = 950
  • Lvl 1: 50, 2: 100, 3: 200, 4: 300, 5: 500

Tarot: 5-20


  • Rare: 5
  • Relic: 10

TL;DR: Account XP and Rank XP are now gained more synchronously and leveling became more dynamic. Fate can now be farmed easier and serves less importance in leveling than before.

Also, the numbers and percentages in this post are subject to change, and they probably will change in future updates.

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Leveling changes in 0.7.0
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6 years 157 days ago

Before starting a mission, displayed rewards should be the minimal rewards for completing the mission. It should display what we earn by simply completing the objective.

The game gives a bad feeling by displaying a reward for completing something then give less without an explanation. The game is simply lying to the player.

So rewards for killing enemies shouldn't be displayed as they're variable and optional. Items granted by killing enemies are not displayed, why display xp?

Killing enemies is not the objective (except for purge) but are something extra. Doing it should grand en extra reward. And not doing it should not reduce the reward as it wasn't requested. It wasn't the "contract" with the player.

Also, events that can appear during a mission shall grant extra rewards.
OK, they already give a bonus that help do a mission. But that bonus is not necessary as we start a mission we can do, event present or not. The bonus is an unecessary help.

But doing the event ask the player to complete unecessary additionnal objectives. He can simply ignore them and complete the mission faster.

Adding a reward for those would bring an incentive to complete the events.

On another note, the leveling changes are not great for reroll.

There are now two infinite leveling: rank of the character and level of the account.

If the account theoricaly allow to switch character and continue a global progression, the rank makes necessary sticking to one character.

I said theoricaly because the impact of the account level on rewards stops its progression when playing with a second character.

You have to rank up all your character simulteaneously or pause account progression while your new character reach a rank and power level similar to existing one's.

The way it is now, you'd rather stick to one character.

I'd like less malus for rerolling and, possibly, an incentive for doing so.

I believe having players try all crusader, assassin and psyker, melee and range would be a good thing.

6 years 183 days ago
There was a problem with the kill ratio, but it is fixed in the 0.7.2 patch, and works as designed.
6 years 183 days ago
It does not seem to work properly. I did a mission of yellow difficulty and the mission screen told me that I would get 1500+ Account XP. What I got in the end were a meagre 94 Account XP!
6 years 184 days ago

good job on the update 

6 years 184 days ago

Did a stream with the latest patch last night, after some time away I am happy to say i was super impressed with the recent patch and the above changes sound very good. Keep up the stellar work peeps :)

6 years 184 days ago

Thank you for the update! I won't lie, I put waaaay to much time into the new patch since it came out today..but it's worth it, you guys made an amazing job!  + + The Emperor Protects + +