Neocore, please get things straight, don't make yourself look bad intentionally


Clicking through your page, I saw it still lists "open world" and "sandbox" next to this game,
which is about as far from the truth as it gets, and, judging by the games development speed,
never will be, even if it would be a set goal, which it is not right now as far as I know.

Next thing is, some people would say this is just a modification of another game you made,
and technically, this is true at least to a certain degree.
Some would go as far as saying the intention here is to make money with as little investment as possible.

And all this is just like the bugs and issues in this game, one by one they are not so bad, but all together they are.

@MEGAPULL‍ or whoever feels responsible, do not make this game look like a cheap cash grab, and at least get those advertising words straight.

Thank you! :-)

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5 years 320 days ago
As you can see by now noone felt responsible @MEGAPULL‍  @TAO12345‍, as they still advertise with open world, sandbox, etc... just like they "neglected" to inform the entire console community that the console version might differ from the PC version but made it appear as if it would basically be the same as the PC version. Now a number of features previously shown are missing on consoles, which is hilarious as they were a) in the release trailer and b) in "old" PS4 gameplay footage from 4 months ago. So I share your frustration, albeit from a slightly different angle. Now they are supposedly working on a soluion, but all I got from @MEGAPULL‍ was some non-committal comments and that he would be talking about this with the PR department, etc. 

I wouldn't be too surprised if their "solution" would be to change the console description so that the previously advertised features (which are now missing) will now simply not be advertised for the console anymore the way things have been going thus far. I am not expecting much from the next patch and the "number of changes" that are supposedlly in it.

Either way, on the sandbox an open world criticism I agree 100%.. I still dont know why they trashed, for example, citadels Even if it had been purely cosmetic I am sure people would have loved to have something like that... I mean they could even have designed it as  an expandable hub where a cabal could contribute to expanding their fortress, maybe even including a mechanicum expansion where the whole cabal could have contributed to developing unique blueprints, manufactorium hubs, etc...Then they could have included some random AI raid missions on the citadel.. I still don't quite see why they  said they couldn't figure it out... Sounds fun to me at least... Have demons attack your citadel, while you also can expand your defenses, etc... So much room here but no... At least it would have shaken things up a little... But warping from system to system grinding missions is hardly "sandbox" or "open world", I agree 100%. 

5 years 353 days ago
True Story.. Open World lol. Little maps with little Variations. In Story u enter a room, what sends u back to your ship xD this Pingpong is far away from a open World. And this cappy Starmap isnt open World at all. Its crap. 

After all, best thing : telling customers every one has a own Definition of open World. Neocore i Tell u, its just a lie and u know that...