Meme Virus Not Working


I used a Meme Virus but it doesn't seem to be working. Image attached from the Dark Eldar Callous Hunt mission on the right-hand side of the Ivory Void Crusade. Usually if I combine Meme Virus and Murder tarot card I get nearly 40,000 XP on this mission, but today I am only getting 17k. 

Maybe the Meme Virus and the weekly bonus are not interacting properly?

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Meme Virus Not Working
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55 days ago
Yeah, well... if someone says of the fact that you can´t see the extra XP after Mission done, BEFORE exiting then that is correct. What I mean is: If you get normally 6000 XP Points for finishing (before exiting) your Mission, then THAT IS what is stated. To see your actual XP received you HAVE to go into your Character´s stats and take a look at your XP bar. That is the place you see what you ACTUALLY got after a Mission.

When you say full clears or not, that was usually regarding the Fate Points you got, not XP.

And when regarding the 20k per Intel. Then there may be something Devs need to check and look into, since 20000 is not what you usually get in XP, but currency. If I go to a Vendor and selling those Intels, then it is 20k in Currency I will get per Intel as usual.

So, yeah. In some way or other and in some ways there may be something that is bugged and needs fixing.

56 days ago
Brother Kundari
Because I am getting the same Exp in the same VC missions on full clears with or without a meme virus running. This say's its not working.
56 days ago
Brother Kundari
I think the problem is that you received way more xp in the past. On Xbox (2.0) i.e. you get 20k per intel + mem virus. On PC (2.20) it's only 10k.

Don't know which one works as intended but I think 10k per mission is waaay to low. Like this you need 4 mem Viruses and 20 intel missions to level up from 81 to 82. I know that the grind is real (I leveled all 3 chars up to 80 BEFORE 2.0 so I know what I'm talking about) but THIS doesn't seem to be right...

56 days ago
Not sure why some people have mentioned the Meme Virus is not working properly as it should.

It seems fine to me though. If I go a Mission where you normally would get, let´s say, 5200 XP Points. And then the Meme Virus says: Get 100% XP Points extra. Ok, so... in my head that is after Mission done you are getting 10400 XP Points delivered. Ok, so so far I take a look at the bar on my Character Screen, it shows that I actually got 10400 XP Points. And maybe sometimes I get some extra bonus next to that for extra succesful Mission done or something.

So, am I correct here? I assume I am. Am I not? Am I wrong? What? Am I missing out on something here, or what? If you have 1000 and adds 100% that is 1000 more on top of already the 1000. So, what am I missing out on here?

66 days ago
I can confirm this bug but we could not find an connection between the weekly bonus and the Meme virus. The Meme Virus will be fixed - hopefully by the hotfix we intend to release shortly.
67 days ago
Meme virus not working for me either - same XP whether it is active or not
67 days ago
Not nearly as much as usual! I checked the bar when the mission completed.
67 days ago
Check, how much do you get in reality, the reward window can show incorrect values maybe?