Warp attunement


Is this perk working correctly? In the ten hours I've used this perk, i haven't encountered a single anomaly that DOESN'T want to kill me. Just curious, since there is no real way of making sure that it is actually in effect.

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Warp attunement
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1 year 245 days ago

If you closely follow the forum you may know that if there is any valid issue I never state that it is working fine. Both our testers, devs and designers pay attention to the problems and as I got updated this perk should be working fine. 

As you claimed the opposite again I will discuss and test the perk once more with our colleagues.
The rest of the problem are only partially known by us, we will test those. The connection problem is already under investigation on our end, if we know more about it or successfully fixed it I will naturally spread the news. 

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1 year 247 days ago

Well, it can't be working properly if nothing positive is happening in a 10 hour period now can it? Therefore it is at a minimum not working for this fellow. Logic follows, most likely not working for some others as well. They just don't know it. It's a bad perk, who uses this thing anyways. Sorry OP.

This is very easy to belive because similar issues are constantly happening to everyone. I know, you know this, Marco as you get to read this mess all day. So why are you dismissing it. "working for you" is obviously not a case closed solution. Why not just insert a pic of the middle finger? It would be more honest.

 Enrage on crit does nothing on my two Tech Priest, just a dead enchant. There is another fellow who's assassin is losing focus instead of gaining. Guy in guild can not play coop and no, it's not his internet. Another can't look at linked items. On it goes.

Many issues are small, like I can't msg people on the title screen, some are common, a msg with a linked item is often invisable to the sender but not the reciever. To the game breaking ones, some listed here.

I guess these are whats called account issues. Re-installing, file check, will not fix. How in the world does this happen? Far as I know, unprecedented in gaming history. Perhaps some explanasion is in order? No, that does not happen. Silence is the only answer I have ever heard. Tho, it says a lot, and not overly positive. Not that you guys don't know that. 


Well, back to the game.  I do so enjoy it. 

1 year 248 days ago

AFAIK it is working properly. We recently checked on it and it caused positive anomalies with 25% chance.