lacking morality points


My lvl 80 tech priest has 275 morality and is done with story. That should not be possible. Any chance of bumping him that last 15 points? 

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lacking morality points
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1 year 298 days ago
I'm also lacking the last 25 points necessary to fill out the morality meter, and i'm done with all story content.  Random assignments could take weeks or months if you're really unlucky.
1 year 300 days ago
I will discuss this with our endgame team if more Morality decisions could come with one of the next patches.
1 year 300 days ago
Yeah, I know.. took over a month last time. 

Been here from the start, over 4k hours, 6 max lvl,  soon 7. Countless bug reports, was does it take to get some good will here.

1 year 302 days ago

do random assignment of Astropath (not dlc). sometimes a moral choice is presented.