Martyr Pro's and Con's


Here's a little / long ramble I put together talking and comparing Martyr to another ARPG in a similar stage. Just wanted to articulare my thoughts on what the game offers what it's strengths are and where it falls down. Hopeuflly useful to some :)

Have a great easter!

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Martyr Pro's and Con's
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6 years 113 days ago
Darth Kall here Hydra

As i've explained on ytube also, that was a great and creative comparison video. Good job!
Also thumbs up for our creator team, they are on fire right now and they are doing a great job listening to the community and giving flesh to their own ideas, making a great game.

6 years 112 days ago

Another great job. all spot on, however I love both games in different ways. To me the big difference to me is the dev. time. Wolcen has been in alpha for 3 years now and looks to be another year off. My biggest  issue is Wolcen very rarely(once) increases the content and 20 cap is way to low. The 3rd ring still only has 1 available sector(assassin). They are 2 very different games of which I don't like to compare but you have done it as well as possible.

6 years 112 days ago
Wolcen is a great example of what happens when bug fixes are worked on before other game play. A great game that will be outdone before launch.