Critical Mass: Co-op


Recently I came back to the game to find a number of improvements that kept me engaged for a few days. But that was it. Only a few days. Personally I think it is unrealistic to ask for so many features to be in the game because everyone has their own well thought out highly detailed opinions on how the game should play...but.

Please for the love of god, do something to stream line the cooperative experience. If it where working now in its infancy I would still be playing, but I'm burned out and will always burn out if I know that playing with others will be a hassle and I'm stuck by myself. There are at least 4 other games I could be playing and right now all of them are temporarily dead because there aren't enough people to just PUG and play. 

I don't want to play Path of Exile. Deleted it

I don't want to play Diablo3. Deleted it years ago

I don't even want to play Grim Dawn and that is a pretty awesome game. You should check it out.

I dont wanna play FFXIV, going on 3 yrs now.

I dont wanna play Warface


I won't play Inquisitor Marty by myself. Sorry.

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Critical Mass: Co-op
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6 years 13 days ago
The game releases at may 11th. I think a lot of players took a break to fire up the engines and the hype train for that day so they are not burnt out but hungry. That may be the fact why coop groups are sparse and afaik the coop group finder is bugged and you need to make groups via ingame chat. This should still be a thing to run some random missions or tarot after you did, or while you do, the story missions that are single player only for narritive reasons I think ^^.