Main Story broken?



I was working on The Alpha Pariah, after completing one of the missions the game seems to just freeze. I had the option to press select to return to my bridge, but nothing would happen. 

I restarted the game.

Now I'm at my bridge and in the upper right corner of days i have 5/6 clues in the alpha pariah, and the next step seems to be "Release the Alpha Pariah and decide about her fate."

 It seems when the game froze and I restarted it, this story mission is now broken.

When I press right trigger to see if there are any story missions nothing comes up.

How do I fix this so I can continue the story? I have over 20 hours played and I'm a little miffed that there are bugs that actually freeze, or break, story progression.

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Main Story broken?
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4 years 319 days ago

we will fix the matter on our end as soon as possible! Thank you for providing details on the matter!