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So this is more two bugs then one I have noticed in the last week. The first and most annoying was one which happened last night whilst playing, I did a Tarot mission and completed all of the requirements so got some lovely loot. At the end of the mission with the count down clock  the game hung on screen then gave me a message that "I was disconnected from the server".

As you can imagine that was a tad annoying but after 5 seconds the game took me to the command bridge with the general "how do I rate this mission and how did it go screen" (all of the loot was to the right). So after clicking the buttons I noticed that my character and all the Npc's had disappeared and that I was unable to move. Within the ui I had an exclamation mark over 4 of the icons at the bottom but was unable to select anything. 

So I logged out then logged back in hoping everything was ok,  the game loaded fine but all of the loot had gone and the Tarot mission was no longer available suggesting that I completed the mission but the items never made it into my account. Then thinking back now that bug happened at least twice last night.

The second bug is a duplication/clone bug. Honestly not sure how I did it, I was playing about with various set ups using different weapons and types, whilst dropping and replacing 2 pistols  ((bolter/ las)  with a 2 handed melee weapon I somehow was rewarded with a cloned bolt pistol. This gun was completely usable for a few missions before it disappeared with another item a day or two later.

Anyway hope this helps, I'm really enjoying the Alpha good work Guys and Gals :)

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6 years 249 days ago
Thanks for your feedback mate, we'll do our best to eliminate those issues.
  • My guess that the disconnect was a maintenance thing, we were fidgeting with the coop code on the server. Sorry for that.
  • Duped items disappear after a while, so be careful with those (of course, we will try and eliminate the problem itself)