great game


Hello! I want to give some feedback, I'm a fan of warhammer and I was waiting for a game like that! I'm also a fan of RPG and I enjoyed playing your king arthur  rpg\strategy game... when I had to chose some option before the investigation quest I was pleasantly surprised and I hope you will expand this aspect. 

The gameplay feels ok and I had a lot of fun using 2 pistols. I would like to chose which ability equip during mission when I use 2 different pistols (like bolt\plasma). I also wish for a melee\ranged hybrid and I read in another post that dev are working even if there is no eta.

Regard the difficulty I feel that is balanced around the crusader... with a ranged setup the game felt quite easy, you still can die if you don't pay attention which is good. When I played with the assassin the game felt harder. Finally about the melee build... it is really hard to use, I got my ass kicked several time... I will try them with a stronger character.

So keep this direction and I think you will make a great game =)

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great game
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4 years 92 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, this is what keeps us going man!