Lost Weapons due to ISP disconnect


Hey i lost my weapons in set 1 on my crusader called ValdarAurikon.   During modding stats of inferno pistols i lost my connection due to ISP disconnect.  Relogged and weapons were there, than i've done one or two missions and suddenly apperance and color disappeared on both pistols. I reappllied apperance and color but both pistols were grey in grey. 

After switching to one of my other characters both weapons were gone.  Yes i'm able to farm new pistols but i don't know what happens if i put new weapons in weapons set 1 slots.   Please help.


I replaced both inferno pistols with new ones an now i got two inferno pistols without any stats in my inv, by the emperor this is tech heresy. ;)

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Lost Weapons due to ISP disconnect
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123 days ago

Ty, but i already got new pistols hehe. :)

123 days ago

I will send you a pair of inferno pistols by tomorrow ingame. I hope they will prove to be useful for you!
Sorry for the trouble this issue may have caused!