Wh40K Inquistor Martyr ps4 performance


Recently purchased the game for my PS4 (standard not PS4 pro). I'm really enjoying the story and at times the gameplay. I say at times because more often than not the gameplay performance is pretty bad. Alot of screen tearing and low fps is ruining my experience. Are you guys aware of these performance issues and if so are these fixable? Thank you and I look forward to playing more of this game. 

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Wh40K Inquistor Martyr ps4 performance
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2 years 260 days ago
Awesome, good to hear! Thank you for the quick response. 
2 years 260 days ago


we got through some elements ingame recently which caused stuttering and FPS drop and fixed them. There is also a bigger general performance improvements which is in the works and will most likely come with the 2.0 patch!

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