Crimson wanderer missions by foot


I d like to have the crimson wanderer missions available for running them by foot. 

For single player and coop, running down all those smaller boss mobs and struggling on the big ones. So u dont only have that small 5-15 minute runs, but also some big maps u have to chew on for an hour or maybe more. i`d preferr em in teamplay only missions. grouped bosses with auras to buff themselves and each other, so u have to pull em away from each other ... kite em... someth. like that. And lots of foot soldiers spawned by the bosses or portals close to them, with a basic mechanic like unholy cathedral, spawning more and more and getting stronger with each wave. So u HAVE to care to manage the increasing dmg from the smaller enemies

For the mission itself , an increasing difficulty from big boss to big boss would be nice. Either a steady one, increasing life / dmg by for example 30% by boss, 5 big bosses on the map, so every boss killed increases the difficulty to kill the remaining ones for another 30%

making the last one the hardest. 

maybe with an aditional abilty taken from the bosses died before, adding mechanis that will usually kill u if u dont watch to handle them carefully, as the last boss would have 4 additional abilitys by 150% increased dmg and life.

Lootmechanics could be specially bound on 

- using buffs (shrines,turrets foot soldiers etc. available around OR NOT (not=more/higher rated loot )

- slaying bosses in a given row, as some bosses with added abilitys will be harder to lay then others, depending on their dmg/life buff and the difficulty raised by the set off attacks they can do.

- timed run (whole run or/and from boss to boss...

So loot box number could be dramatically increased by using no buffs,

quality of items increased by bosses slayed

given relics on time run , for either the whole run, or, boss by boss

lastly their could be a glory mode, for the high geared challengers, giving no loot but insane-difficulty-special-mechanics with achievments u can be proud of.

So a competition / leaderboard could be done, which grp / guild? slayed the last boss with what buffs (given stars as difficulty ranking, 1-5) and in what time...

just an idea.../wish :)


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Crimson wanderer missions by foot
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1 year 10 days ago
Our design team will check on your idea whether any part can be realized ingame! Thanks for the feedback!