Lost Main Quest



PSN I'd : ShieldLord, 

character : Lamiriah, 

Quest : (french) "à travers le feu et les flammes : through fire and flames  chapter 4  2/7

mission just finished, but no reward no progress and can't repeat it.  I can't continue the story

thanks to help me.

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Lost Main Quest
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5 years 330 days ago
Splendid! Worked perfectly. Thanks a lot!
5 years 330 days ago

thanks for the help : )

5 years 330 days ago

A script will fix this within an hour so for everyone.

5 years 331 days ago
The same thing happened to me on an earlier quest.

"The enemy below" got bugged after the first mission.

5 years 331 days ago

Also I have the same problem I have to enter in the stasi room but I can’t begin I finish the last mission without reward and progress

5 years 331 days ago
Thanks, adding this to our bug list and we'll check/fix asap!