Are relict perks broken on ps4 ?


I have Inoculator with perk - "Medium and Elite kills have a 15% chance to drop a Supply pack", while on regular mission I see those drops quite often during Unholy Cathedral such drops don't exists. I've just check my 7 min attempt and summary says 54 champion kills, yet 0 supply drops.

Are Unholy Cathedral have some restriction I don't know about ?

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Are relict perks broken on ps4 ?
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5 years 330 days ago
One more thing, whats the point of Unholy Cathedral if programmers can't handle memory leaks ? I was going survive til 20 min but game hanged three time after 15-16 min. From 10 min whole event is slide show, 10 - 20 FPS on PS4 Pro.
5 years 331 days ago
Just asked the programmers - Working as intended for all platforms. With it working, the game mode would effectively never end.
5 years 331 days ago
Thanks, I'm pretty sure that I saw video of someone stacking Deflector Field shield in UC using this perk on Inoculator, but that video was from PC version of the game.
5 years 331 days ago
Unholy cathedrals have Disabled Loot, that could interfere with this issue. We'll look into it if this was intended.