Game settings not saving


Every Start, i need to Set up my keybindings again. This occours since 1.1.0b

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Game settings not saving
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5 years 330 days ago
I doubt this is the problem. I'm on xbox and have the problem that it doesnt save the advanced mode controller setting (it still shows 'advanced' in the settings but the controls are like standard mode).
5 years 331 days ago
This can also be caused via bad Windows user credentials- what Windows version are you playing on?
5 years 331 days ago

This has already been fixed on our end, next update will bring the fix.

5 years 331 days ago
Thx for no reply, for shitting on players be realy Patient with your damn shit what souls be a great game. You fucked up, im out. I played almost 300h but now im done with neocore. Never ever. Bye 
5 years 347 days ago
Same for me. Everytime I boot up, I have to reassign camera controls. A minor inconvenience but one nonetheless.
5 years 348 days ago
Same problem 
5 years 353 days ago

Same here

5 years 354 days ago

Same problem