List of Major/Minor bugs and suggested tweaks


Morning all! - It's been a hard night's purging. 

List of Bugs which at present I feel are of most importance 

  • All of my characters (one of each) have reached a point where they no longer gain experience, or currency from missions. 
  • Loot that is collected during missions isn't received at all. Kind of defeats the purpose of grinding :D 
  • My heavy weapons specialist seems to be unable to complete a missionw ithout crashes (other two characters are fine)

More minor bugs

  • Audio (directional) is sometimes misplaced with opponents sounding like they are left of me when they are dead ahead. 
  • There is little audio for animations for the Hammer attacks

Gameplay Tweaks (my suggested)

  • Some weapon balance vs dreadnaughts perhaps or explanation of what/why somethings are better than others. I only had a bolter and took me a lifetime to kill one, even with aimed shots (which currently don't remove body parts)
  • Assasination missions seem far shorter than purge, i'd bring down the size of purge rather than increase assasination missions
  • Enemies in combat that are behind cover or a wall I feel should have a highlight around them to save playing with awkward camera angles (see diablo and other arpgs)
  • Bolter fire has a slightly too tinny sound to it, this might sound minor but you will get some fanboys who dislike this (including myself) a slight change of pitch would make a world of different. (see feedback deathwing got for its storm bolter)

Keep up the great work guys, really impressed with the game thus far. In the words of thbe umpaluma US president "it's gonna be great - really great"

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List of Major/Minor bugs and suggested tweaks
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7 years 153 days ago
it's so nice to see responses to feedback :) most people don't bother because they feel they aren't listened to. 5/7 you guys! a perfect 5/7. 
7 years 153 days ago
Thanks man, sent these straight to the devs to see. Awesome feedback!