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The best RPGs have multiple classes to choose from, and King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is no exception. We already talked about the the recovery system, the Morality Chart and the personality traits of your heroes, but you will also see that they come from different classes - and thanks to you, after reaching our first stretch goal, the number of classes is now six!

These are:

  • Defender: A knight equipped with a sword and the shield, specializing in melee combat.
  • Champion: A knight equipped with a two-handed weapon, dealing the most damage per turn.
  • Marksman: A unit equipped with a ranged weapon, gaining advantage from a distance.
  • Vanguard: A scout-type unit equipped with two one-handed weapons, they can hide and ambush the enemy.
  • Arcanist: A spellcasting unit who can utilize (mostly fire-based) offensive spells and curses.
  • Sage (newly unlocked!): A spellcasting unit who can utilize (mostly ice-based) offensive spells and blessings.

Special heroes, will also have unique skills on top of their class abilities, which changes up how you will consider them for their tactical advantage.

Sir Mordred, for example, is a Defender class knight who uses a sword and a shield, specializing in melee fights. But thanks to his Arcanist upbringing and bloodline, Mordred can conjure lightning to help the fight from afar.

When assembling a party, you should not only be aware of the various personality traits and morality of the characters, but make sure to utilize the versatility of the classes, having the best units for the requirements of the mission. Help them work together to maximize their potential on the battlefield!

If you want to learn more about the game, join us today at Twitch at 4PM CET / 10 AM ET for a Q&A session, or make sure to check back on our Kickstarter updates section - but hurry, the campaign will be over in two more days! Make sure to grab anything you like before time runs out!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Classes
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