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Recovery and Healing


Going on quests is a tiresome and dangerous venture for your heroes. In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, every move, every decision, every mistake is permanent. No reloads… only regrets.

Fear not though, you can mitigate some of the damage you do to your heroes, and by extension, to your kingdom. For Camelot awaits even those who fail and fall, its special buildings can offer remedy to injuries and various curses.

In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, you can assemble multiple parties, and it is necessary as well, because your heroes need some time off between missions. If they don’t rest, their vitality won’t recover, their broken limbs will not be mended. Sure, you can send them on a new mission immediately, but they won’t start with full HP, and you’ll be at a severe disadvantage!

This is why you have to always plan ahead! Manage your heroes knowing that they might not be able to go on subsequent missions. Preparation and knowledge of the missions is also very important. You must select the heroes best fit for the requirements and conditions of any given mission. Some heroes can even benefit by not going on a mission, even gain experience points in Camelot.

During missions, heroes have their own resistance against various conditions, but if their defence falls, some hits and spells can result in permanent injuries and illnesses. As long as their Injury Counter or Curse Counter is active, they will be fine, but with each new hit, this resistance slowly erodes.

In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, there’s danger at every corner! Over 30 different negative status effects can be acquired, separated into two categories: Injuries and Curses.

It is your job to build the necessary facilities in Camelot to cure these ailments, and let your heroes take time for their recovery, so they can live longer to aid you on your search for the undying Arthur.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale is now fully funded on Kickstarter, and we have also unlocked one of our stretch goals as well, on to the next! Please share the news, and look forward to our Q&A session this Tuesday 4PM CET / 10 AM ET on Twitch!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Recovery and Healing
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