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Kickstarter Stretch Goals


We're pleased to see that our Kickstarter campaign for King Arthur: Knight's Tale is over 95% funded! Thanks to your support, it looks like we're going to hit our target, but there's more to unlock! If we manage to secure more funds, we can add some cool new features to the game. Let's see what these are!

Stretch Goal 1: New Character Class: Sage (£ 130,000 or $ 170,000)

If we hit this goal, we'll be able to include a sixth class, the Sage. The Sage is a spell-casting unit, a kind of warrior-mage who casts mostly ice-based spells and blessings (opposed to the Arcanist who uses more fire-based spells and curses). This unit holds up better in a melee fight than the ranged units, but obviously not as well as melee-specialized classes.

Stretch Goal 2: PvP Battle (£ 150,000 or $ 195,000)

If we're able to go beyond this target, we can use the resources to develop a PvP mode. You will be able to use your heroes in the endgame to export them into PvP mode, where you'll be able to engage in a 4v4 scenario against human-controlled opponents. This mode would be available after finishing the campaign.

Remember, one week left, and we can still make it! Let's unlock these stretch goals, and make King Arthur: Knight's Tale the best version it can be!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Kickstarter Stretch Goals
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