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Hello, I’m interested in whether work with the Geforсe NOW ( service will continue. I was very comfortable playing because the computer does not have enough power for a comfortable game. The game was bought in Steam.Thanks for the answer

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Service Question
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2 years 205 days ago
Unfortunately there are still no changes in this regard.
2 years 207 days ago

Hi! there is new information, or can I forget?

2 years 308 days ago

Hello. Decisions to cooperate with GeforceNOW are postponed forever? P.S. I would like to play Inquisitor, but I can only through the service (((

3 years 2 days ago

This matter is still open so nothing has been decided yet. We will naturally spread the news if the game gets back to Geforce Now but this is not yet certain so your patience is kindly asked in the upcoming period.