Investigation mission Retribution, break through the Khourne forces cannot be completed as the mission is bugged. See pic below. The way the game places the Crimson Wanderer at the bottom of the screen, which is the direction you need to go, only gets you killed because you can not see or target your enemies. How do you center the screen? I've tried settings, mouse and keyboard play. It's impossible and therefore unplayable on PC. Please let me know when you fix this and I will come back to the game then.

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3 years 292 days ago
Yes, that was it. Had no idea about the mouse wheel. Always rolled it back and forth. Thanks again. Case closed.
3 years 293 days ago

Just as @SUNLIX‍ said, maybe you rotated the camera. Please check on it again and attach a screenshot which covers your whole monitor if possible.

3 years 294 days ago
Cmon bro, you can rotate the camera with middle button of your mouse. How this even a bug mate. This is not like the Knight is stuck, is it?