Inquisitor - Martyr: Content Patch v0.6.0


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. It is also recommended to delete any launch parameters you previously had (you can re-add them if they help again, but it is safer to assume everything works best without them). Please also note that the backend server might take up to 30 minutes to transfer to the newest update, during which time login will not be possible.


Steam Early Access

The game is now available on Steam via Early Access! We would like to thank everyone who supported us during the Founding - it was a very rewarding process. Without your feedback, we would be nowhere near the game's current state. With Early Access, we'd like to expand our audience in order to be able to gather feedback from a greater pool to ensure swift and steady development.

For the founders, we have a letter worth reading: A Letter to the Founders

Check out our badass new cinematic trailer at IGN!

We will have a new roadmap for the period of Early Access, which will end presumably in Q1 2018 when the full game will be released.

For the Emperor!


New Map Setting: Frozen Wastes

Explore our first non-linear map-setting, where dangerous hordes lie behind old ruins and jagged rocks on this glacial terrain.

Refined User Interface and Visual Improvements

  • Based on our latest survey, we have upgraded our UI to resemble a more clean look
  • We have also added loads of visual tweaks to the game, such as vendor nameplates

Other Misc Features

  • Several new Character Perks have been added
  • Relic Items are now available
  • Dozens of new item Enchants available
  • Placeholder, "dummy" campaign added to allow for early character development.
    • Full story mode will be available on full launch, as it was originally intended.
  • In-game tutorials are now available in the Journal
  • Co-Op Matchmaking now available in the northeast corner of the Hub!
    • PvP matchmaking has been moved there as well.


New Power Level System

We have simplified and tweaked our Power Level system to be a lot more viable for hardcore and for casual players alike. 

We have faced a very basic issue with the current power level system, and it can’t be resolved with only minor changes: In order to be able to gain a power level, you have to get purples on every item slot of yours, with only a few of them actually having good stats on them - this was a goal, so we have no problem until this point. But, when within the next power level you found new items, you did not have a reason to swap those items, as the stats they provided were rarely better than what you already had. No matter that they had a higher power level as that would become valid only when you would have those higher PL items on every item slot of yours so you could get to the next power level. This is why we tried to find a method where we keep the benefits of the PL system but eradicate parts of the game that aren’t motivating at all.

  • Characters do not have Attack Power Level and Defense Power Level anymore.
  • Items do not have Attack Rating or Defense Rating. Every item has a Power Rating.
  • The sum of our equipment’s Power Rating is our character’s Item Power Rating.
  • The character’s Item Power multiplies our damage/defense, so when we find a higher Power Rating item, it will visibly increase our defense/damage

Displayed Values:

  • On the Character Screen, we display the char’s Item Power.
  • We display our damage bonus and damage reduction value against the weakest (50 Power Rating) enemies.
  • We display the same values against enemies with the Item Power level of 75 + CharLvL * 25 .
    • This has to be done as this value will increase every time with equipping a better Power value item, while if we would display bonuses against a monster with the exact same IP value as us, the value would sometimes decrease when we equip a better item.
  • On the mission briefing screen we display the actual dmg/def bonuses applying for that mission.

Account Level / Character Level changes

  • Character Level = Inquisitor Rank
  • From the beginning of the game, when we get XP with any of our characters, this now contributes to our Account XP pool, being able to gain Account Levels (rewarded by 1 skill point per Acc Level).
  • When we complete a Story/Tarot mission with any character, we gain Rank Points (=Inquisitor Rank XP) that is only for that specific character only, contributing to that Character’s Inquisitor Rank (basically an “XP bar” that is character specific).
  • The higher the Inquisitor Rank is, the higher Power value items we’ll find. It also defines what items can we wear that have Inquisitor Rank requirement. This is especially useful when trading as you’ll see if the item is fit for you or not, also you can buy items having a higher Inquisitor Rank requirement as progress is foreseeable this way.

Item Leveling:

During the first 20 Inquisitor Ranks, dropped items will increase in base values and enchant values as well (every 2-3 Inquisitor Ranks)  which means we will be able to find better items of the same rarity over time. Items will start at around half their current values and reach their current values at Inquisitor Rank 20. Above Rank 20, their values will only be increased during opening up new Tiers.

(This of course does not mean that if you get an item at lvl 1, it will scale to you until level 20, this only means that over time, you will get better drops as you level up)

Accessing new Tiers in the future:

  • Every Tier (=every subsector) has a limit on the maximum power rating available on items. Our inquisitor rank may continue to progress past this point to the values of the next loot table, but we can only find items at or below the loot table for the tier’s maximum.
  • When we hit the Inquisitor Rank associated with the maximum item rating of drops for that tier, we can find Relic items that we can upgrade via Crafting, increasing its Power value. This way our character will eventually reach the Item Power value to do the Tier closure missions that are specifically designed to allow players to travel into the next Tier.


  • Fixed an issue where maps did not load
  • Fixed an issue with camera rotation
  • Several Co-Op issues fixed
  • Numerous potential crashes eliminated
  • Fixed several typos and miscellaneous errors
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Inquisitor - Martyr: Content Patch v0.6.0
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6 years 318 days ago
S t u K i n
With the update there was a character reset. 
6 years 318 days ago

Hey Guys,

I just came home to find the game auto updated which is cool but on signing back into the game I have no character any more just the option to create a new one, this is worrying to say the least. Any hints you could give me to getting back my character? 

Cheers Stu.

6 years 319 days ago

thanks great work You really are doing a great job, 

I have a question to ask you, Van Helsing has also been translated into Italian, will it also be Warhammer?Thank you and keep doing this

6 years 319 days ago

Kudos to the whole team on the continued hard work and dedication. Time for me to return to purging the unclean!

6 years 319 days ago

Thanks for the update! Will be putting on my Techxorcicm pants for any bugs that come my way!