Inquisitor gromov's weird observations on 0.2


1. Sometimes an item is doubled in the inventory. Most frequently - weapons. If you sell/salvage one, they both disappear. 

2.Still occasional unopenable Nurgle chests on the open world tileset.

3. Dreadnoughts sometimes die, freezing in mid-animation, which results in their remains frozen in the air. Might be due to gravity weapon anomalies :P

4. Crafted sentinel armour mk 3. Received purity seal mk 3. Crafted another sentinel armour ml 3. Did not get 3rd enchantment.

5. Hot shot behaves strangely and doesn't always acquire target, especially in rooms with lots of columns and mobs behind them.

6. Standard bearers place standards at distances which exceed the lasgun's range. 

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Inquisitor gromov's weird observations on 0.2
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7 years 115 days ago

8. On the hunt mission about some CSMs that went hiding in the northern industrial belt, one of the bosses spawned in the room where the inquisitor spawns. Not sure if intended gameplay. 

7 years 117 days ago
Thanks for your feedback, I have written these up to our buglist.