Possible issue with inventory - gamebreaking


Ok, I'm going to place it in a separate topic, because unlike the others, this actually is a gamebreaking bug.

My character has partially missing model, slides around with no animation and doesn't seem to have anything equipped, nor anything in inventory. When going on a mission all the skill slots are empty too. The stat page also doesn't account for gear.

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Possible issue with inventory - gamebreaking
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5 years 65 days ago

Wasn't that. The problem got solved by the support, I'm not sure if they got to the root cause.

5 years 66 days ago

@ OP, it's hardly a game breaking issue as you can always delete such character and create a new one. Every major patch wipes out your characters anyway, so don't grow attached to them.

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5 years 67 days ago

most likely scenario is this :

sometimes your equipped item gets "duplicated" in your inventory. when you sell them they are also removed from your worn inventory which you sometimes dont notice before entering a mission.

the reason your character is floating right now is that he has no weapon equipped. if you equip another weapon your character should move like normal again.

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5 years 68 days ago

Also - weird symbol in front of my account name.