initial bug findings


1. When wielding a melee/pistol combo the character animations are very wonky. the melee weapon is held correctly in the main hand but the pistol is held upside down and the character model hangs i whatever animation was active when the combo is equipped (standing or running) also there are no attack animations other than the projectiles firing from the pistol. there are no movement animations with this weapon combination equipped. 

2. My purity seal behaves like the goat's tongue on goat simulator, it picks a random point on the generated map and sticks to it whilst flailing wildly. this only happens on mission maps and it behaves as it should in the command bridge.

3. After dying nurgle based enemies sometimes bug out and stretch their textures across one or two rooms creating an effect that is not unlike a spiky fleshy spiderweb, while metal af, it blocked the view of the map.

4. strange stuttering in the frame rate happens after killing all the enemies in large rooms. 

this is all i have for now. thanks

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initial bug findings
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7 years 125 days ago
Thank you for your report! These are known issues, and will be fixed as soon as possible!
7 years 125 days ago
sure thing, you guys are doing a great job so far, keep it up!