Question re: Post Match Questions


First off, I want to say I think the idea is great - constant feedback on how things are going is feels good for us and I'm sure it's useful for you but the implementation feels a bit... spartan, currently.

The big problem is that there's no context to our answers - when you ask "Difficulty" and give us five, sliding scale options does that mean how close the difficulty is to being perfect (ergo you want 5's) or is it asking is it too easy or too difficult (in which case you want a three?) 

When it comes to gameplay, what does that mean? Does it mean am I having fun on a scale of 1-5, or am I encountering bugs/problems? 

It feels like a petty complaint to make but I want this game to be exceptional and if my feedback helps with that then I want to give good feedback. Right now, can't really do that. 

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Question re: Post Match Questions
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