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I saw there were more tooltips and minimap markers. Fantastic. These are things that will really help you have a foothold as something with polish. BUT, nothing can be master crafted if you never look for error - so it continues...

-Currently Equipped Item displays tooltip next to item wanting to be bought in the shop. This will make comparing stats easier and stop players from having to constantly go back and forth between inventory windows.

-Running while shooting. This falls into the TwinStick area. Having to stand still even with an autogun comes off as strange. Having to constantly brace for every single weapon fire gets me hurt. Perhaps a decrease in accuracy while running? But atleast allow it.

-You also fixed the targeting with abilities on the map. This could always use more work. I'm noticing I'm not shooting the top of doorways anymore.  Thumb up! Perhaps adding more/larger area transparency will help.

-Timing for grenades could be shorter. I noticed some better feedback and a larger capacity for them, but the projectile itself being a bit faster would be great.

SECONDARY IDEAS - These are more for flavor

-Make cover more viable. I have found ZERO reasons to use it and just making the enemies hurt more isn't helping. 

-THINK AHEAD FOR ONLINE  Games dependent on servers suffer from shutting down along the line, if that ever happens.  This means players will never be able to play properly in case, for some reason, you shut down the servers. After coop is fixed and ready, I recommend at-least making a back up plan so people can enjoy this years down the line.

-Higher Level Difficulties shouldn't just make enemies bullet sponges while adding more damage. Take KillingFloor 2 for example. The harder difficulties makes them faster AND gives each enemy a new ability to add to their arsenal. Nothing serious, but they spin in AOE's and more.

-Larger Rooms, specifically with destructible environments and AI. Once the AI is agitated and a pillar falls, the FPS crunches real hard. This will get fixed in time, I'm sure. 1080GTX, 4790K

-Target Dummy Or Target Range in the main room with infinite HP. Let us test our weapons and builds before going on a mission and having to quit. This will help us with our builds and save you trouble further down the line with hardcore players making every percent count.

More soon, love the update so far.

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Suggestions V2
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7 years 125 days ago
Thank you for your feedback/suggestions! :) I will add this to out feedback section.