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With the game being centered around doing quick missions non stop, players spend 90% of there time in a mission, where they can not read or answer any questions/discussions in the general chat. 

The problem with this is that a new player buys the game, and the interaction usually goes like this:

New player logs in, says "Hello" nobody answers. Continues playing for a bit, has a question asks it in chat, nobody answers. 

Now its not that people don't want to answer, it's that people cant answer, because they are in a mission. Then that same player starts assuming the game is dead, and tells his friends that asked him how the game was, that the game is dead. This makes the chat in its current state counterproductive to the game. The Coop console also further reinforces the belief that the game is dead.

So instead Id like to suggest the rework of the chat system. A looking for group tab should be added to the channels, and all channels should be readable in mission.

Now lets replay the example of the new player with the new chat....

New player buys game, logs in says hello, at least someone will answer. Continues playing for a bit has a question asks it in chat, at least someone will answer. 

Now lets add a bit more to the interaction lets say he wants to join a group goes to the co-op console clicks, and there are no groups to join. So he decides to ask in Looking for group. Now players that are doing solo because they couldn't find a group or be in chat at the exact time other players were on there bridge can say "Hey I'm in a mission almost done join you after".

So instead of the new player telling everyone game is dead, he tells them "the chat was active, people helped, i joined a group thru the looking for group, played with other people, made friends, all is good in Martyrland. And lets not forget about the endless hours of discussions in the chat about the games lore, and rulebook and what not. 

In conclusion in its current state the chat system and the co-op console, do more harm than good. The biggest issue being that players cant use it during a mission, followed by reinforcing the idea that nobody plays the game. Removal of the coop console, and adding the function so general chat can be used in mission should increase the amount of players that stick with the game, and help build a community of true believers.

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General Chat and Coop rooms console
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241 days ago

With streaming being as big of a deal as it is today, imagine a streamer with 100 viewers. 

- He buys WH40K and starts streaming. 

- As soon as he starts the game he says hello, nobody answers. 

- Does a mission, goes wow the gameplay is amazing!! 

-Asks a question in chat, and doesnt get an answer again.

At some point during the stream, either he or his viewers will bring up the fact that nobody answers in chat. They talk about it, jump to conclusion game is dead. That's 100 potential buyers saying to themselves, great gameplay but the game is dead.

On a smaller scale, John has 4 friends. They play games together often. He buys Martyr and reaches the same conclusion the streamer did due to lack of reply in chat. He tells his friends, that's 4 potential buyers lost. 

While there are other things that the team can focus on to add more value to the game, they should not ignore how big of an impact the chat system has on the games perception, and the importance of social interaction.

241 days ago

Yeah I agree with you that the game is not "dead" the forums are pretty active, and steam numbers positive. Personally I have a small group of people I've met and play with. But it was by chance, if I had not been at my base a the exact minute they where having a conversation about the game, I would not have met them, and probably be playing solo most of the time. Camaraderie is an integral part of the MMO experience, and this cant be achieved without a persistent chat across all the game modes.

But the amount of complaints in general chat on a daily basis about the game being dead, and having to respond to people when they ask in chat, that the game is not dead, and then explain to them that its because the chat doesn't work in mission, does not look good.

Other times I have to choose between staying at my base to continue a conversation, or go to a mission, and abandon that person to his fate. I shouldnt have to choose, I should be able to continue my conversation, or helping players out with questions regardless of what I am doing.

241 days ago
I would say, this can be one factor out of many from which players conclude that the game is 'dead' (the Steam news feed proves it is far from dead and the forums are quite active too).

But I understand your point here. The chat is not that user friendly in its current state. We will discuss the issue on our end but short-term changes cannot be expected in this area of the game.