Lost character


So I logged into today and yeah it's been awhile but I wanted to play some Inquisitor Martyr and I found out I lost my character if I remember right he was level 40 something can you help?

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Lost character
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278 days ago

Did you check the character graveyard to see if there's a character you can revive?

Did you buy the game on another system?

If you bought it on steam

Did you change your steam account information, and link it to a new neocore account?

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286 days ago
Please tell me then your account name.
287 days ago
a few months ago
287 days ago
Hey there,

can you tell me approximately when was your last login? We didn't make any wipe since the release of the game (v1.0) back in June, 2018. If you were an Alpha/Beta player who joined us during the Founding period then I'm afraid those characters are gone. If not, then something else is going on. Let me know your account name.

287 days ago
p.s. It's like my whole account got wiped