Gear vanishing on crash


Yesterday I had a crash, and noticed that newly equipped gear vanished after logging back in again. I had equipped some new items gained from the previous mission, and then attempted to play a Bunker Buster mission,  which crashed the game (Known issue from what I have seen posted here). After I logged back in, the slots that I had replaced items in were all empty.

I brought several items from the vendor, then attempted to play the BB mission again (As it was known to cause crashes) and the items once again vanished leaving me with empty slots. I was able to replicate this issue several times last night, and thought this may be relevant to the issue of vanishing gear in some cases.

For some reason, I was unable to access these forums at the time and was unable to report this whilst the BB mission bug still existed and from what I understand, the issue of BB missions crashing the game has now been resolved.

I am not currently aware of any other issues that cause the game to crash in the same manner and am unable to confirm if these issues were purely related to the BB mission crashes, or just a result of game crashes in general.

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Gear vanishing on crash
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7 years 111 days ago
The items missing was a known bug and should be fixed now from what they say so if you do lose more items definitely report it.
7 years 110 days ago
I was under the impression that the missing items bug had been fixed before this point. This particular bug was also replicable, although I am not sure whether it was related to the mission crash or just game crashes in general which is why I made a new post, rather than posting on an existing missing items thread.
7 years 110 days ago
Indeed the item disappear is one of our top priorities right now. Please note however that a crash is something that the game can't predict, so item or progress loss might occur due to crashes time to time.
7 years 110 days ago

That is understandable due to the early development stage the game is currently in. Hopefully being able to replicate this to a very limited extent will be helpful to the team in some manner.

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