(Suggestion/Discussion) Lightning Claw and Power Fist


Lore-wise (and we can say curently ingame as well),  most current melee weapons are very ineffective in killing heavy targets/vechiles (have fun chop down a helbrute with a power sword, Emperor be with you).

 Two of the more common armor-effective melee weapons are the lightning claw and the power fist; as far as i am aware they aren't in the game at the moment. Are there plans to impolement them in the future? Power Fist is a long-time part of any Adeptus corps armament, and since a while, Lightning Claws are not Terminator-exclusive weapons either.

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(Suggestion/Discussion) Lightning Claw and Power Fist
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6 years 27 days ago
You don't know pain until you have tried to take down large armoured enemies with a chain sword... Now I always bring something that is specifically anti-armour along with me.
6 years 28 days ago

survivability will improve once we can chop off limbs and break armor

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6 years 28 days ago
whilst I agree a Powerfist would be badass...

if you want to destroy armour...use an axe/maul....I also really want a Crozius, and 2h Power Axe

6 years 28 days ago
Chainfist <3
6 years 28 days ago
It would be very nice if we got them  and the chainfist aswell :)