regarding this weekend's corruption


Fellow Inquisitors!

There has been a severe daemonic corruption this weekend. Chaos entangled our carefully maintained build. Missions were unaccessible. Equipment lost. Acolytes wailing.

Suspects now in custody. Interrogation in progress. Heretics were burned.
Well, that’s a bit inaccurate.

They are still burning.

For the survivors out there: the corruption has been successfully contained. Everybody who has lost their equipment will be compensated. Following these events, there is a new rule among those who are still standing:

No. More. Updates. On. Friday.

The rule has been stated, the rule is now Law, approved by the Holy Order of Inquisition, blessed by the Emperor. In the name of all Ordos, apologies for the inconvenience. There shall be no such thing again in the grim future.

– The NeocoreGames Team

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regarding this weekend's corruption
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7 years 96 days ago
Great job doods, I noticed a problem but I just put it down to alpha play, awesome fixeruppers, burn them heretical bugs =)
7 years 97 days ago

Burn them! Burn them all! Let fire cleanse them from the filth of their faith.

If in life they failed The Imperium, then only in death they will be redeemed.

7 years 98 days ago

Great news guys, was thinking some heretical work had taken place and caused disruption. Nice to see the culprits are being purged. Will there be scheduled days still for updates or will it be announced simply when ready for deployment? ( Except Fridays )

7 years 98 days ago
thx for listening to the community and trying hard. The fact is I can play only in weekend days and the fact the patches will be downloaded before that is good news. The only thing that bothers me is that this game is too demanding graphically for what it is. I can play TW3 Same with TW: W with no issues on high to very high. Still this is alpha and the bugs are normal and I  am not bothered about those because they are expected and should be reported, I would be bothered if no one cared to fix them even if it is an alpha  and I am happy to say that this didn't happen . I really do want for this game to do good (not many Warhammer 40k RPG games  did well, hell I don't remember any) . I  do want to support this game even after launch (DLC and things) . Keep the good work .
7 years 98 days ago

hell yeah! it's the right direction inquisitor....

7 years 98 days ago
We are - in fact all of them should be reimbursed now by 10k credits, an inoculator and starting gear for every remaining empty item slots.
7 years 98 days ago
Do we need to Inform you if we were ones effected by the chaos taint and item loss or are you aware of the accounts impacted?
7 years 98 days ago

Thumbs up

7 years 98 days ago
You guys are doing a glorious job of listening to your humble worshipers. From this day forth patches on a Friday shall be known as heresy!!

Glory to the emperor - any news on co op fix? 

7 years 98 days ago
Yeah, I knew that Friday update stuff was gonna get dropped pretty quick.  It's not good for anyone.  Tuesdays are good.  Gives you a day to get your thoughts in order and then 3 days to fix any fallout before you run into a weekend.
7 years 98 days ago
Well that is expected when you work with the warp! 

One step foward and ten steps back.

I am sure you guys will upload a new build to the techpriestst and correct most things that went wrong.
Glory to the emperor and the devteam!